How it all began...


   Year 1964

Once, when I was a schoolgirl, happened Miracle. It was Team of five people with trained dogs. So all this story started

Relatives of my classmate had a small mixed breed red sable bitch called Muha, what means fly in Russian. I was allowed to take her for walks. Needless to say, I spend all my free (and not only) time with her and very soon she was able to repeat almost all tricks showed in my school. Soon I was noticed by one of members of Club for Army Support (DOSAAF) and, became myself the member of Club for Junior Dog Fanciers, just organized at that time. Those of us ,who had no dogs of our own, could train them for people who couldnt do it themselves for some reason. For many years I was very closely connected with section of German Boxers and, of course, my dream was to have the Boxer of my own.



Year 1970.

One evening there was a phone call. It was a call from my mother's colleague. She offered a 6 month old puppy. Her previous owners refused to keep her on. So this little red Wonder came in my lifelong nosed, long coatedRough Collie!!! Tro-Brigitta was her name and she was so different from BoxerBut she turned my life upside down!

Tro-Brigitta and me.

Year 1973.

Brigitta was 3 years old, when I mated her and litter of five lovely puppies saw the daylight. But I was born as a Breeder. About that time I saw The Yorkshire Collie Handbook for the first time and started to realize that type of Collies we had in the USSR at that time, was something quite different from those in Handbook. I felt in love from the first sight with the blue-merle dog Ch. Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist. (We had no blue-merle Collies in the USSR In the same Handbook I saw some pictures of some little dogs, much like Collies. They were Shelties, of courseNow I had something more to dream about During this period I became a judge for some breeds of dogs as well.


  Year 1980.

It was early summer, when my first blue-merle Collie arrived from Sweden,  6 month old bitch Barnehofs Ocelot Girl. She had to become a Legend and she still lives in my hearth. Soon after Spotty my second blue-merle arrived. It was male Marbles Nacre Blue, and he was a grandson of Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist!!!


Barnehofs Ocelot Girl


Marbles Nacre Blue

                                                             Moorland Black Diamond                            Vesimiehen Ratzia

In 1982 Spottys first litter was born. It was Lucky Star A litter and practically all puppies from this litter become Show Winners (we had no Champion Titles at that time). EST CH Lucky Star Silver American Tiger completed his title at the age of 12.5!!! He was the second Rough Collie in Estonia and the first  male ,who gained this Title. So I bred under prefix Lucky Star until Estonia joined the FCI, and I had to change my kennel name to Scandyline.


Year 1987

Very important year for "Lucky Star"/"Scandyline" Hossa Stanica Marwita my first sheltie joined us!!! Hossa or Pussy for her friends came from Poland.  She was well built quite big lady with super temperament. When two years later we decided to mate her, we had to go to Poland, as there were no male Shelties in the U.S.S.R. Year later two lovely Shelties, litter brother and sister  Est CH Gangster and Est CH Gilli z Dablovy Studanky arrived from Czech Republic. Snowball started to roll...

              HossaStanicaMarwita                 EstCh Gangster  Dablovy   Studanky                    EstCh Gilli z Dablovy Studanky

Year 1989

The first Smooth Collie came to stay with us. It was tricolour male puppy from finnish kennel Dalimattas. Unfortunately this puppy died at the age of 4 month. But soon another tricolor boy arrived- Est&Lv Ch Dalimattas Svarte Frans. Est Ch Dalimattas Big Blue Boss ,blue-merle male, sable bitch  INT &Est&Lv&Lt&RusCh ,  EUW-94 Dalimattas  Dancing Dream and blue-merle Int&Est& Cz CH Pihatuvan Rebekka joined us few years later. Dalimattas Dancing Dream ("Daisy") was the first dog living in Estonia, who became International champion. "Daisy" had only two litters, but her influence to the breed is great not only in Estonia, but in Russia, Czech Republic and Germany as well.

Est Ch Dalimattas Svarte Frans , IntCh Pihatuvan Rebekka, EstCh Dalimattas Big Blue Boss, IntCh,EUW-94Dalimattas Dancing Dream


At the present time, due to different circumstances, there are no collies in Scandyline, but I still love this breed. My daughter Ieva is following her mums' footsteps and is breeding Rough Collies , Shelties and Papillons ! Her prefix is Lucky Starline and the first collie of her own was Lucky Star British Brume, the granddaughter of Spotty

                    Dalimattas Dancing Dream, Rosebud Gold Alkami,                    Granddaughter Laura and her Collie Rebe

                         Ultra Gold z Dablovy Studanky

Year 1993

It wouldn't be fairly not to mention my very much be loved hooligan and friend for many years - INT&MULTI CH &W  Welsh Terrier  Bartos Full Back... He crossed The Rainbow Bridge,but part of my heart belongs to him forever...I didn't bred any litters of Welsh Terriers but I really enjoyed showing him , our little girl INT&BALT CH Saredon Cherry Wine  and  another naughty boy Fin&Est&Lv Ch Tara Tailormaid for Bartos.

                                                                       Saredon  Cherry Wine and  Bartos Full Back

Year 1996.

Papillons...    I loved to watch those little flying dogs at the shows. Finally the decission was made-I want Papillon of my own!  My friend bought from Finnish kennel Linnanhaltijan   bitch named Daisy. I borowed this bitch for one litter and so it went on...Soon Papillons became one of my very favourite breeds...

                                           Linnanhaltijan Daisy with daughter Scandyline Aurore D'Ette and granddaughter Scandyline Cadeau De L'Ette


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